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Building Contractors in Chennai

Siddharth Construction is one of the Best Building Contractors in Chennai, Every project we complete is an opportunity for us to apply our distinct thinking to problem solving, innovation, and collaboration with our clients and beyond, Technical excellence is at the heart of our project delivery, as we use the most up-to-date building methods, innovations, and technology to provide the best value to our clients, that’s why we are the Top 10 Architects in Chennai. We are dedicated to attracting, retaining, and developing talent within Siddharth construction, resulting in a diverse and resilient workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

Siddharth Construction is a leading player in the category Residential Building Contractors in Chennai, Tamilnadu. This well-known establishment serves as a one-stop shop for customers both local and from other areas of Chennai. This company has established a strong foothold in its industry as the best construction company in Chennai over the course of its existence. The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services has helped this establishment amass a large customer base that is growing by the day. Our company hires people who are dedicated to their roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the company’s common vision and larger goals. Our company intends to expand its product and service offerings in the near future in order to serve a larger clientele.

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Building Contractors in Chennai

Our Completed Site Pictures

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What is the construction cost per sqft in Chennai?

We Charge Rs 1800 per Sqft

Construction Packages You Can Count On 

Residential Building Contractors in Chennai

  • Siddharth Construction uses a scientific approach to estimate the cost of your project.
  • Get an estimate created with specialised software and under the supervision of a professional.
  • Receive a quote that breaks down each and every cost detail.
  • Understand what is and isn’t included in your building package.
  • Keep an eye on and review the costs of building materials and finishes.
  • Take advantage of our full no-surprise guarantee on the final price.

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Building Contractors in Chennai

Our Process


Siddharth Constructions advanced planning of site selection, site layouts, and budget estimation results in the most efficient building at the lowest cost. This allows you to avoid unnecessary design changes and blowouts during construction.


Our design team creates unique, creative, and innovative solutions for your company. Aesthetic and structural considerations are balanced to produce stunning results while remaining functionally efficient and of high investment grade.


Siddharth Construction guarantee your project's completion date and budget by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients in order to adhere to agreed-upon construction schedules.


If you are looking for the best Building Contractors in Chennai, then welcome to Siddharth Construction – A Residential and Commercial Property Reliable Civil Construction Company in Chennai. We are one of the top building contractors in Chennai. We work as a contractor to fulfil the dreams of various clients by constructing a complete home with all facilities and amenities within the specified time frame. We are dedicated to finding efficiencies in all aspects of our work in order to provide a high-quality finish at a reasonable price.

We create fully customised residential units to meet the needs of our clients. We work with complete transparency, carefully adhering to every single legal requirement, and utilising only marked, institutionalised materials for development. Because we are the best civil engineering company in Chennai, we guarantee to build wonderful homes that are based on your needs and reflect your personality. We take care of complete construction management thats why we are the best Building Contractors in Chennai. We are professional for renovation and interior design services also we have more creative experience and capabilities for excellent renovation and interior design services.

Why we are the best Building contractors in Chennai?

1. Quality Control
2. Best engineers 
3. Correctly sizing the facility
4. Plan for building expenses to be incurred.
5. Configuration based on strengths
6. Select and incorporate equipment
7. Consider the impact on daily activities.
8. Understand the pitfalls of existing space 
9. Client Satisfaction

Top Building contractors in Chennai

The Design Principles are incorporated into the home design brief (the basic ideas about the practise of good design). These are essential in ensuring that Capital Building designs and constructs your home extension or home renovation to the highest possible standard. These principles are as follows:

  • Making certain that your home is shaped by its surroundings.
  • Building materials are used more efficiently.
  • Visual harmony – the entire structure is in sync with the rest of your home.
  • Sincere design Quality at all levels.
  • Designing a home to meet your specific requirements
  • Construction Ease
  • Time and cost efficiencies.
  • Design and construction for sustainability

Residential Construction cost based on Quality- Building contractors in Chennai

Rs 1800 sqft

2D and 3D Elevation Design

3 feet

Kitchen Granite Slab

20 mm Thick Upto 120 Rs per Sqft

Main Door

Ready Made Malaysian Teak Door With Teak Wood Frame of 5 Inch by 3 Inch, 38mm Thickness

Living & Dining Flooring

Tiles Upto 50 Rs Per Sqft

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FAQ for Building contrators in Chennai

A contractor is in charge of planning, leading, executing, supervising, and inspecting a building construction project. Contractors carry out their responsibilities by planning activities, supervising workers, and ensuring that the project complies with local codes and laws.

The cost of construction in Chennai will range from 1400/sq ft to 5000/sq ft, with higher prices for ultra-luxury homes. This equates to Rs 14,50,000 for a regular house and Rs 50 lakh for an ultra-luxurious home.

You can hire building contractors with various specialisations in Chennai. Among the various types of building contractors are:

  • Contractor for commercial construction
  • Contractor for labour
  • Contractor for building services
  • Residential construction contractor
  • Contractors in building fabrication
  • Grouting contractor
  • Commercial Interior Designer
    Contractor for swimming pools, among other things

If you are looking for a building consultant or a contractor in Chennai, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Considering the following factors will assist you in locating the best building contractor.

  • What kind of structure do you want to construct?
  • What kind of contractor do you need?
  • Contract for (new building/renovation/demolition)
  • Type of contract (labour/labor + material)
    area of the premises, among other things

Building consultants and contractors in Chennai provide services for various types of properties such as offices, apartments, educational spaces, restaurants, factories, and so on.

  • What kind of structure do you want to construct?
  • What kind of contractor do you need?
  • Contract for (new building/renovation/demolition)
  • Type of contract (labour/labor + material)
    area of the premises, among other things
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