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Siddharth construction– The best builders in Chennai for individual house, that need no introduction in the real estate industry. We are one of the most distinguished Construction companies in Chennai, founded by a strong team of experts, and we stand firm to uphold our practice of providing the finest spaces to our customers. Our panel of construction contractors has completed projects spanning large areas and has additional projects in the works. Furthermore, we are supported by a skilled team of turnkey project contractors and interior designers who create one-of-a-kind, well-planned neighborhoods. That is why we are regarded as one of the most reputable civil construction companies in Chennai.


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Best construction company in Chennai for individual house


Siddharth Construction Civil Contractor is Chennai’s leading civil contractor. Siddharth Construction Civil Contractor has earned a reputation as one of the Best builders in Chennai for individual house, providing a wide range of services. You don’t have to look any further if you’re looking for plastering contractors in Chennai. What distinguishes us from other civil contractors in Chennai is that we never, ever compromise on quality. In addition to plastering, we are one of the leading wall tiling and floor tiling contractors in Chennai. In Chennai, we accept all construction contracts. In addition, we are the leading building contractor in Chennai.

With over a decade of industry excellence as a Best builders in Chennai for individual house , we have been continuously engaged in the positive transition of the properties through on-time completion and are committed to the vision of creating better built environments in which one can take pride.
Our clients value our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, superior customer service, and the benefits of doing business with highly qualified and experienced management. We aim to combine our position in infrastructure construction and become one of the Top individual house construction companies in Chennai by leveraging our strengths and capitalising on developing opportunities.

Individual Villa Construction In Chennai

If you are looking for Residential Independent Home Builders in South Chennai, North Chennai, Central Chennai, East Chennai, West Chennai, or suburban areas such as Chengalpattu and Tiruvallur, you have come to the right place. Since recent years, we have been a leading Individual house builder and construction company in Chennai. We have laid the groundwork for providing the absolute best to our clients, and we do not wish to compromise on our benefits at the expense of your quality. We work hard to gain clients’ trust in order to make them feel the value and decency of their home.


Best Quality Assurance: As the Best construction company in Chennai, we strictly adhere to pre-determined quality standards and strive to deliver only the highest quality results to our clients.

Transparent procedure: We make all project-related information readily available to our clients, ensuring complete transparency between parties as well as in each subsequent transaction.

No hidden fees: We close the deal at the finalised quote. There are no hidden fees! All we want to do is provide the most value possible within the constraints of our budget in order to maximise customer satisfaction.

On-time delivery: We strictly adhere to project deadlines and provide weekly reports to our clients to improve customer satisfaction.

Collaborative synergy: We maintain a strong collaborative synergy in our workplace to ensure that all parties involved in the project work in unison and come up with the best ideas for our clients.

Performance driven by technology: With rapidly evolving technological advancements, we ensure that our tools and overall management system are updated to keep up with the latest trends and innovations.

We don’t just construct your dream; we construct your future! We are the Best builders in Chennai for individual house

FAQ for Best builders in Chennai for individual house

Yes, as long as your choices are consistent with the style of the subdivision and are made before the specific choices are installed in the house. We will occasionally go back and replace installed features for selections, but this is the exception rather than the rule. We are the Best builders in Chennai for individual house

Fulfilling your needs at Rs. 1899 with the dependable building contractors in Chennai. Crafting the best homes with reliable construction companies in Chennai. Feel free to consult. All it takes 1899-/.

NO — by not negotiating prices, the builder makes every effort to maintain the value of not only your home, but the values of all the homes in the subdivision.

The cost of construction in Chennai will range from 1300/sq ft to 4500/sq ft, with higher prices for ultra-luxury homes. This equates to Rs 15,00,000 for a regular house and Rs 80 lakh for an ultra-luxurious home.

According to the requirement and materials used the cost will change contact us for the best quote. Rs 1400 Sqft to 6500 Sqft.

We generally guarantee you the best client administration with excellent development with a team of our specialists who have extensive experience in planning, organising, and executing. We wish to build a long-term relationship with you by ensuring quick conveyance and eco-friendly structures. Call us right away to receive our dedicated and efficient service because we are the Best builders in Chennai for individual house

Residential Construction cost based on Quality- Residential Building contractors in Chennai

Rs 1800 sqft

2D and 3D Elevation Design

3 feet

Kitchen Granite Slab

20 mm Thick Upto 120 Rs per Sqft

Main Door

Ready Made Malaysian Teak Door With Teak Wood Frame of 5 Inch by 3 Inch, 38mm Thickness

Living & Dining Flooring

Tiles Upto 50 Rs Per Sqft

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