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How do you obtain building plan approval or planning permission in Chennai?

To convert a piece of land into a viable building plot, planning permission or building plan approval is required.

This blog will explain the process of obtaining government plan approval for both residential and commercial projects, as well as the importance, cost, and timeframe involved.

Planning permission is required when constructing a residential home, a commercial building, or adding an extra floor to an existing structure.

A house loan or any construction loan from any bank requires planning permission.

Obtaining government approval can be time-consuming and even stressful most of the time; it is best to leave it to the professionals.

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Building approval in Chennai

What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Plan Approval?


Before starting any building project in Chennai, you must obtain Planning Permission from the CMDA, Municipality Township, or Panchayat Union, as required by the Town & Country Planning Act.

Planning permission is required to convert a piece of agricultural land into a viable building plot.

How To Get Residential Building Plan Approval In Chennai?

To obtain government approval for your plan, you must submit the completed form to the CMDA office, Municipality Township, or Panchayat Union.

Forms are available in two varieties. Form “A” is for laying out lands for building purposes, while Form “B” is for all other developments such as residential and commercial buildings.

You can obtain this application form by paying the applicable fees and obtaining it from these offices (Chennai City Municipal Corporation or Municipality Township or Panchayat Union).

The CMDA office will not sell these forms; you must fill them out directly with the Corporation or local body.

How long does the construction planning permission last?

The government’s permission is valid for three years from the date of issue.

By applying within the validity period, you can renew the planning permission for another three years.

Avoid purchasing a plot with planning permission that is about to expire because you will not have enough time to get started and will have paid more than for a regular plot in the same location.

What documents must be submitted with your application?


You must submit five copies of plans that show:

A detailed site plan with the proposed structure’s floor plan clearly indicating the dimensions and set back from the property boundaries.
The proposed building’s plan, elevation, and sectional details are shown.
The key plan depicts the site’s location. All plans and applications must be signed by the applicant as well as an Architect or a licenced Surveyor.
clearance from the appropriate authority (whenever necessary)
To establish your title to the land, you will need a sale deed or a lease deed, as well as a Patta.

How Much Does a Chennai Planning Permission Application Cost?


The cost of submitting a planning application varies depending on where you live in Chennai.

The cost of obtaining planning permission is determined by the size of the land, the size of the building, and the number of kitchens.

For example, if the land area is 1000 sq.ft. and the buildup area is maximum 2000 sq.ft. taking into account the maximum FSI, i.e. 2, and the cost for one kitchen is approximately Rs.50,000-80,000/-.

This is only a rough estimate. This cost varies depending on where you live in Chennai.

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