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What is difference between FR and FRLS cable?

What is FRLS cable?

Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cable is an abbreviation for Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cable. These cables are fire resistant and are used in areas where there is a higher risk of fire. The presence of a Flame Retardant Low Smoke PVC compound in the cable ensures the release of low smoke when compared to other wires with PVC coating.

What is difference between FR and FRLS cable?

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Which cable is best FR or FRLS?

FR PVC insulation is more fire resistant than standard PVC. In the event of a fire, FRLS PVC insulation has better fire retardant properties than standard PVC and emits less smoke.
Siddharth Construction prioritises not only the sale of homes but also the collection of satisfied customers. For one C cable, use red; for two C cables, use red and black; for three C cables, use red, yellow, and blue; and for four C cables, use red, yellow, blue, and black. According to NEMA-WC-5, cables with a temperature greater than 4 C are meant for thermoplastic insulated wires and cables for electrical energy transmission and distribution.

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